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Military aircraft performance improvement project

Military aircraft performance improvement 

· MC-130

· KA-32, UH-60, KA-1, B-737, Hawker800

Large transport aircraft C-130 conversion project 

Modified C-130 military transport aircraft for

special missions

Improvement and installation of equipment such as

multiple radars and satellite communications


Aircraft self-protective equipment business

Aircraft self-protective equipment business

C-130, CN-235

Improvement and installation of equipment such as radar warning receivers and missile warning systems


Aircraft import sales business

Ansat / KA-226T 

· Multi-purpose lightweight helicopter


· Multi-purpose medium-sized helicopter

·  The most powerful helicopter in its class

Mi-172 / 172A2

· Multi-purpose heavy-duty helicopter

· Helicopter with the largest space in its class


Defense industry equipment count and access business

Armed goods import/export business


Medical device/health device business

Medical device Business

· Welfare equipment / Electric bed / Assistive devices for the disabled /Rehabilitation equipment

Health appliance business

· Fitness equipment / Fitness equipment / 

  Outdoor exercise equipment

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