We are providing the following benefits to create a happy working environment for our employees. 

Health Checkup 

Comprehensive health checkups to employees who are

35 years old or older and their spouses

Communication Expenses 

Domestic and overseas communication fees for our employees on a monthly basis according to their position

Condolence Payment 

Condolence payments and support for leave or condolence wreaths when our employees or their family members get married or experience a bereavement. 

Long Service Award 

Award an encouragement bonus and a commemorative plaque to employees who have been with the company for a long time. 

Club Activities Support 

Support 50% of the monthly activity expenses for company-registered clubs.

Retirement Pension 

Introduced a system where retirement funds are deposited externally, allowing employees to receive a lump sum or a pension when they retire. 

Four Major Insurances 

Provide the four major insurances; national pension, health, employment, and industrial accident insurance.

Group Insurance 

Subscribed to group insurance to prepare for death or disability and three major illnesses.

Focus Global Corp. 

Head Office : Hosung bldg., 106 Tojeong-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

TEL : +82 2-2038-2290 ㅣ FAX : +82 2-2038-0286ㅣ E-MAIL : sun@fgtry.com

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